Great Customer Service: Overrated?

Many huge, successful companies consistently “blow it” when it comes to customer service. Why then, do people keep coming back for more? I’ll show you why provided great service may be overrated in…

Do you emphasize the wrong thing to your employees?

Many businesses put too much emphasis on the bottom line. How do you reward the people behind those numbers and create an attractive place to work? You build an amazing culture. Now, building a great culture will take years. So let’s chip away at this culture component with one point of culture that people value […]

Business Slowing Down? Five Things to Do

No matter what you do, you will experience slow periods in business. However, when you anticipate them, you can maximize this time to work towards exponential growth.

Prepare Your Business For Inflation

Especially for those companies who still have problems with capacity and hiring, owners must take steps to prepare their business for inflation and make it as inflation-proof as possible.

Three Secrets to Boost Your Referrals

Most businesses leave it up to luck or act passively, if at all, in boosting referrals from existing customers. Great companies who harvest this crop effectively do so with purpose and a clear plan.

Five Tools to Increase Conversion Rates

Your conversion strategies and systems make or break your sales. Add or audit these five tools in your business to increase conversions and truly improve your bottom line.

Four Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

By taking just a day or two for cleaning, you will uncover tons of area for development, streamline day-to-day operations, and give your team – and yourself – a breath of fresh air. Let’s go through…

Planning Your Business Exit Strategy

If you as a business owner want to create a sellable asset, you need a plan to exit with some return on that time and money investment. And you need to start creating that exit strategy NOW.

How Does Business Give Everyone More Life?

Even if the past year or two has been rough on your business, think about the amazing life your business gives – not just to you but to everyone that your business impacts.

6 Keys to a Winning Team

Selecting and training the right teammates matters, but the teams that win have great leaders. What can you do as a leader to create a winning team?