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Many businesses put too much emphasis on the bottom line. How do you reward the people behind those numbers and create an attractive place to work? You build an amazing culture.

Now, building a great culture will take years. So let’s chip away at this culture component with one point of culture that people value now more than ever – flexibility in the workplace. And this doesn’t just relate to work from home. It encompasses a lot more. You’ll see when I explain why you need to create a more flexible work environment.

1. It fosters loyalty and trust

A mutually trusted working relationship makes life easier for the owner and flat-out better for the employee. Why? Employees will involve themselves more and strongly support the leaders’ vision. They’ll make better, more independent decisions and work harder as a result.

This saves the owner time and money.

Loyal employees also tend to make excellent judgments and fight criticism. When you provide your employees flexible work alternatives, they fully commit to the company’s values and mission.

2. It Makes Them Happy

So many employees feel disengaged at work. Your flexible work environment will empower them to engage even more. Encourage your employees find balance in their lives and openly bring it into the work environment. Make balance one of your business’s culture points.

Watch how quickly happiness and joy spread in your office. Rather than dealing with irritated employees, you’ll find that people want to get back to work after a productive “recharge”.

Finally, studies show that your employees are actually more productive at home. This could be because this environment encourages those critical “recharges” that employees need. If you’re going to go this route, make sure you leave room for in-person innovation and collaboration regardless.

3. It Attracts Talent and Diversity

Everybody wants a “diverse work environment.” Is your work environment flexible enough to build that diversity?

Professionals with great of experience, education, and motivation come from many walks of life. Don’t miss out on amazing talent by limiting your business to a local, 9-to-5, cubicle workplace.

Make sure that your website and job descriptions ooze your unique culture. You want diversity of talent and ideas, but you don’t want to bring in people who don’t align with your vision, mission, and culture.

4. It Leads to Growth and Success

Happy, aligned, and loyal employees will undoubtedly affect your numbers in a positive way. Flexible work will create successful individuals who, in turn, help your customers and future employees find that success as well. And as the next generation of talent looks for a place to grow their roots, your business and culture will attract them from far and wide.

It’s up to you as a leader to create meaningful change in the way great employees engage with their work. A more flexible approach to work will do just that.

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Ready to create a flexible, successful work environment for your business?

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