Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions about working with an ActionCOACH business coach – And more great reasons to jump at the chance to get your business growing the way it should.

Why would I need a business coach?

Every great performer, whether it’s an elite athlete, business legend or performing superstar, is surrounded by coaches and advisors.  

It's difficult to be truly objective about yourself. And as the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive, it’s difficult to keep up with all the changes in your industry – in addition to running your business every day.

A Business Coach will make you focus on your business and hold you accountable to the things you should do and to where you want your business to be. Your Coach will also be like your one person Board of Directors. They will help you when it comes to marketing, sales, training, and every other area of your business. Simply put, when you work with an ActionCOACH, they become your partner, your confidant, your mentor, and your sounding board.

Read "Consider Business Coaching: Seven Reasons" for more info.

How much does business coaching cost?

An initial Alignment Consultation typically costs $500 and allows your ActionCOACH to learn as much as possible about your business, your goals, your challenges, your sales, your marketing, your finances and so much more. 

Once we know that your business is coachable, our primary goal is that it doesn’t cost you anything – that it becomes an investment with an ROI as quickly as possible, within the first 3 months. Group Coaching ranges from $300-$600/month and 1-2-1 Coaching ranges from $1,750 to $10,000, which is based on company size. The majority of programs fall between $1,750 to $3,500 per month.

The only difference between the programs is how fast you go – the coaching is the same, just at a different pace. You and your coach will determine which type of program is the best fit to enroll in. All of our programs are month to month agreements, no long term contracts, and our 1-2-1 programs come with a 17-week Guarantee.

How will coaching work in my specific industry and in my business?

With literally hundreds of different profit-building strategies, ActionCOACH is expert in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, business management, and team building. You’ll quickly see how powerful our business growth systems are. 

Because you are the expert in your business and industry, together we can apply our system to make your business more effective.

ActionCOACH serves over 18,000 business around the world every day. Our global network of coaches has worked with, managed, worked in, or even owned a business that is the same or very similar to yours.

When you hire an ActionCOACH, you hire the full resources of the entire ActionCOACH team to find a solution for any and every challenge you may have. Imagine hiring a company with the collective knowledge of thousands of experts, in virtually every industry, in every corner of the world, ready to help you.

Will coaching mean more work?

Once you know the ActionCOACH definition of a business, you will never ask this question again. Our goal is to help you build a Profitable, Commercial Enterprise That Works …Without You. 

The last two words are the most important because, in the end, our goal is to have you no longer working IN the business, but, instead, working ON it. That means more time to spend doing what you want to do while the business serves you, instead of the other way around. Of course, when you set the plan with your ActionCOACH, it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but no one ever said attaining your goals would be easy.

The further you work into the program, the less work you’ll actually have to do. And at the same time, your company will be more productive. Simply put, you’ll be working much smarter. You will be amazed at how focused you’ll be and how much you’ll get done.

What is one-on-one coaching?

We offer many different coaching programs, all designed to help your business grow revenue and profits and while you can always start with a group coaching program, nothing gives you the results that one-on-one coaching does. 

One-on-one coaching is the only program in which your ActionCOACH will work with you one-on-one for at least 12-months to make all of your goals a reality.

There isn’t an area of your business that one-on-one coaching doesn’t touch. From weekly coaching calls and goal setting sessions to working with you on your new marketing pieces, you will develop new strategies and systems so you can work less and learn all you need to know to make your dreams come true.

Your monthly investment in one-on-one coaching ensures your ActionCOACH will dedicate a minimum of four hours a month to work with you on your sales, marketing, team building, business development and every element of the ActionPLAN you created during your Alignment Consultation.

Why not hire a consultant?

Unlike a consultant, your personal ActionCOACH will take a nuanced approach to your business's growth; he or she will support you as each idea takes shape, as each campaign is put into place, as you need the little pointers to make things happen. 

If you have one very specific, short-term problem or struggle with your business, hire a consultant. If you seek long-term, holistic strategies for growth, hire a coach.

Your ActionCOACH will also be there when you need someone to talk to, when you’re faced with challenges or, most importantly, when you’re just not sure what to do next.

Will it cost me extra to implement the strategies?

No, implementing the strategies is part of the ActionCOACH experience. Your ActionCOACH will show you how to turn your marketing into an investment that yields sales and profits rather than just running up your expenses ... 

In most cases, an ActionCOACH will actually save you money when that coach discovers areas that aren’t working for you or your business. When you follow our easy-to-use testing and measuring systems, you won’t be risking your money on each campaign. And when we find the campaigns that work, we make sure you keep profiting from them time and again ...

Remember, when you default to the accounting way of saving costs, you can only add a few percentage points to your bottom line. Following the ActionCOACH formulas, the returns from your sales and marketing can be exponential...

What results have other business owners seen?

Everything from owners previously working 60 hours a week down to working just 10 – revenue increases 100’s and even 1,000’s of percent. Our results speak for themselves, and are highlighted by specific examples featuring real people with real businesses ... getting really great results. 

Just ask any of the thousands of existing ActionCOACH clients or the hundreds of thousands who have worked with ActionCOACH to achieve their dreams.