Your conversion strategies and systems make or break your sales. Add or audit these five tools in your business to increase conversions and truly improve your bottom line.
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Great follow-up will always make sales process better for both you and your leads. So many businesses spend thousands on leads, spend hours crafting their offer, and then move on if they don’t immediately hear back.

How many times have you come close to buying something, and boom – life got in the way and you never pulled the trigger. Would you have reengaged if someone had reached back out at the right time?

These three keys to great follow-ups will boost your conversion rates if applied and tested. Make your follow-ups:

  • Timely: Put a system in place that allows for immediate engagement of your leads. This could include automated text follow-up, live chat, or collateral that leads can immediately download.
  • Personalized: Either take the time to craft well-thought-out manual follow-up, or use personalization tools in automated follow-up.
  • Authentic: Don’t bombard your leads with sales-y messaging. Create and test a cadence that delivers high-value content to the people that are most likely to buy from you.

Secret shop your competitors’ follow-up. What do they say that would interest a potential customer of yours?

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What truly makes you different? When you look around and see lots of competition, more and more businesses in the industry will try to compete on price.

Before going this route, creatively educate your prospects about your unique value. Why would your prospect buy somewhere else if you can show them all of the benefits they will receive by purchasing from you?

Your leads do research on your products before they choose to even engage with you. Provide as much information as possible to shorten your sales cycle and attract the ideal customers who won’t waste your time.


One of the biggest reasons individuals don’t buy is because of “perceived indifference”. What does this mean?

Many times, your target audience will assume that you don’t care about them and just want to squeeze the money out of them. Think about it – fear gets in the way of a lot of decisions you make every day, so of course this phenomena applies to potential customers.

To alleviate this fear, first determine where these worries may exist. Then, craft a guarantee that ensures these fears are addressed.

When you know that your product/service can create results, you’ll have no fear yourself in creating a strong guarantee such as:

  • 100% Money-back
  • Free Trial
  • “Try before you buy”

Benefits and Testimonials

If you have a great product, buyers will talk about it positively. Demonstrate to those who haven’t bought yet that people are saying great things about you.

Make it easy for your customers to share the benefits of working with you. Send them a quick survey and offer some sort of perk for filling it out. Craft it so that they can easily pinpoint the top three reasons that people on the fence should take that next step and become a customer.

If you want testimonials immediately, use a social listening tool to see what people say about you online. This will give you great sound bites to use in your marketing. It also may show you where your customers feel wronged.

Measure It

It has been demonstrated that simply measuring your outcomes on a regular basis may enhance them by up to 5%. Why does this work? By keeping track of your performance, your subconscious mind is primed to hunt for methods to increase that outcome.

Many business owners focus on leads and sales without accurately measuring conversion rates.

The next step above that is to measure your conversion by lead source. One source could earn you tons of leads that never convert. Why waste marketing dollars on groups of people who most likely won’t buy?

The more detailed you get with conversion tracking, the more conversions you make and the more money you save.

Will implementing one of these strategies lead to an increase in conversions? If so, what are you waiting for?

And if expert coaching will allow you to achieve these results even more quickly, reach out to us today.

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