By taking just a day or two for cleaning, you will uncover tons of area for development, streamline day-to-day operations, and give your team – and yourself – a breath of fresh air. Let’s go through…
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At least for me, the winter weather serves as a great excuse to get sloppy and disorganized. Luckily, springtime gives most people a great incentive to tidy things up. Why limit this newfound energy to your home?

Business owners should take advantage of this time of year. Spring cleaning your companies will get you organized for a busy summer and allow you to make much-needed improvements.

By taking just a day or two for cleaning, you will uncover tons of area for development, streamline day-to-day operations, and give your team – and yourself – a breath of fresh air.

Let’s go through ways to spring clean your business.

Dust Off Your Business Plan

GrowthCLUB attendees shouldn’t have a problem with this one. However, for most business who stick to annual planning, spring serves as a great time to evaluate the yearly plan. What growth strategies worked great in Q1? What needs to be completely changed or thrown out?

Sit with your fellow leaders and solicit feedback from them. Use this time to create the Q2 plan. Any growing business will deal with constant change and shifts.

The business plan serves as the foundation for growth. Dust it off every spring and make the necessary tweaks to thrive in these next three quarters of 2022.

Clean Up Your Inbox

Emails, paperwork, and other documents will quickly pile up for a busy business owner. It’s easy to embrace this chaos when you tell yourself that this is the norm. You let the emails pile up, and before you know it, your inbox is a complete mess.

Make the most of the spring season by organizing your inbox. Sure, it’s a time-consuming and semi-painful process. However, the cleaner email will result in a clearer head. It will eliminate a lot of the “in the business” material holding you back, giving you time and energy to focus ON the business.

Perform some additional digital spring cleaning by examining your computer’s old files and eliminating any useless documents or folders.

Finally, think through this: What kind of system do you need to implement to avoid this clutter in the future?

Spruce Up Your Marketing

A lot of the Q1 data you collect should allow you to make great Q2 marketing decisions. Just like your business as a whole, your marketing should constantly shift and change to meet current trends and capitalize on future opportunities.

Spend some time this spring refreshing your marketing plan. You can spruce things up by doing the following:

  • Analyzing data from the previous year/quarter
  • Researching the latest marketing trends
  • Investing time/money into new social media
  • Looking for new ways to automate
  • Finding trade shows and conferences to attend
  • Refreshing your website
  • Get rid of useless subscriptions and tools

Declutter the Office

Do you expect your team to perform effectively in a dirty, messy office? Nobody wants to come into work on a Monday and find a messy office and inbox. But time and time again, we allow it to happen.

Your team cannot effectively take care of your customers if they can’t take care of their own work environment.

Literally cleaning your workspace will leave your team feeling refreshed and at ease, which inadvertently gives your customers peace of mind.

Block out a couple hours on your team’s calendar next Friday and dedicate it to spring cleaning the office. Perhaps make it a team fun day and order lunch!

Imagine how productive that following week will be for your team and business.

If you don’t like cleaning (like me) and think it’s a waste of time, remember this: Being completely organized will have a positive effect on your revenue. Why? Because when you as the business owner deal with less stress and clutter, you have more time and energy to dedicate towards growth.

Remember that before you start your business’s deep clean!

And once you’re fully cleaned up, you may find some areas in your business that need more than just a routine clean.

If this is the case, reach out to a business coach or schedule your free diagnostic here. ActionCOACH serves thousands of business around the world, giving owners and teams the tools needed to grow and thrive.

Ready to get laser focused on growing your customer base this year?

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