Even if the past year or two has been rough on your business, think about the amazing life your business gives – not just to you but to everyone that your business impacts.
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We’re all in the giving spirit right now. And in this spirit, we want to remind you about how much you give to the world as a business owner. Even if the past year or two has been rough on your business, think about the amazing life your business provides – not just to you but to everyone that your business impacts.

Watch how this impact starts with you, the owner, and creates a huge ripple effect. You’ll see why we as a coaching firm decided to trademark this powerful phrase.


Every business owner has their unique story about why they started their business. Perhaps you come from an entrepreneurial family. Maybe you were sick of long hours and corporate politics. Or you had a passion for something that the world needed.

Here’s the point. At some level, you did this for you. The life you had before you started was radically changed by your business. And hopefully, life’s better than before you started. If not, it boils down to one of these three things.

A great business improves the owner’s life in all three of these components. You may as well work a job if it doesn’t. Do everything in your power to build these up for you and your loved ones.

Your Employees

No matter how you rate yourself when it comes to time, team, or money, feel good about the fact that you provide these three things to your employees.

Employees expect their jobs to bring a significant sense of purpose to their lives. Employers need to help meet this need or prepare to lose talent to companies that will.

You could pay them boatloads of money, but they’ll still desire purpose. How do you fulfill this? You improve your employees’ lives in the two other components. Surround them with great people or value their time more than you currently do.

Combine this with a powerful vision for the future and their lives will change for the better.

Your intentionality around improving your employees’ lives has hugely positive impacts on your customers and ultimately, your business. We talk about this a bit in our team building blog a few weeks ago.

Your Community

The influence of business goes way beyond you as an owner or your team. It affects the lives of your whole community.

It feeds your employees’ families. It feeds your suppliers’ families. It gives your customers the products or tools needed to improve their lives. It creates wealth that can fund charities. It even funds our government through taxes.

Pretty cool to think about how much influence your business has. Pretty nerve-wracking too.

Either way, understand that when you hear us say grandiose things like “business should give everyone life” or “business changes the world,” don’t shrug it off. Embrace it.

Thank you for giving the world more life with your business. Whether you’ve really thought about this before or not – thank you.

If you want to build a sustainable, growing business that changes lives and maximizes its impact, we align. We’ve given thousands of businesses around the world the tools to accomplish this very thing.

Reach out to us and schedule a free strategy session for the New Year. You’ll give those around you more life in doing so.

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