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Learn why being "productive" is actually counterproductive to the growth of your business and yourself.
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Entrepreneurs want their businesses to produce more. So what do they typically do?

They dive too deep into the day-to-day of their business operations. When a vertical in the business doesn’t produce enough, they get stressed out. They focus all of their attention on one thing. That one thing keeps them down in the dumps and up all night.

I have a challenge for you this year. Quit trying to do everything. Even if you consider yourself a “solopreneur”. Let me explain why and how.

Why You Need to Stop Doing Everything

As we start a new year, you probably have a huge list of goals. You want to smash records, organize this, streamline that, do, do, do.

People assume that if they do enough, they will have what they want. However, they forget the most overlooked part of the success formula.


Before you know what you can HAVE and what you need to DO, you must focus on your BE.

Want a successful business? BE a great entrepreneur. Want millions of dollars? Embody the traits of a millionaire. Focus on your identity first. Your identity can change – it’s not static.

Changing your identity will require learning, training, and mindset shifts. You can’t change any of this stuff if all you focus on is productivity and do, do, do.

If you want to increase productivity in 2022, what will you have as a result? You’ll have a ton of work just like an employee would. Employees DO. They do the work and receive their salary. And sure, the owner needs to do critical things. But more importantly, they need to BE the creative problem-solver.

Any time you make an important choice in your business, you change the identity of the business. Pretty powerful.

When you be the person required to have amazing things, you will naturally do what needs to be done. I hope you realize that this center of belief matters way more than pure productivity.

How to Produce More and Work Less

How do you make it easy to change your identity to be that creative problem solver? You quit using productivity as the metric to praise or berate yourself.

  • The Right Message that contributes towards your BE. What affirmations will program you to be who you need to be? Find powerful messages and quotes that keep you on track. Listen to them frequently. This will set your Reticular Activating System for the best possible outcomes in life
  • No Shiny Pennies: What’s a shiny penny? Anything that distracts you as an owner from what you want to have at the end of the year. Sure, it might produce something down the line. But does it contribute towards your quarterly and yearly goals? If not, put it in the parking lot for next quarter or 2023.
  • Build Creative Think Time into your schedule. You will seldom think creatively if you don’t block out time for it. Some people meditate in the morning. Others go on long walks, drives, or workouts to focus on nothing but creative thought. Set up an environment for great ideas. Your desk at work is probably NOT this environment.

Keep this in mind as well Burnout is a top reason why 90% of businesses fail. Don’t assume that overworking in 2022 will move the ball faster.

See what I meant with the title of this blog?

Understanding this concept is one thing – applying it is another. The day-to-day highs and lows of business ownership will distract you. That’s where coaching comes into play.

If you want the tools needed to work on your BE and also BE held accountable, reach out to one of our coaches today. Start your 2022 with clear direction and fresh perspective – fall in love with business again.

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